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Life abroad Vs Life in India!

ImageEvery Indian living abroad desperately wants to go back to their own land.
Whenever I think of going to India, I am extremely excited and can’t think of anything else but that. I start planning in advance, start shopping, spending money buying duty free stuff on my way, make list of things I should take for my family, call mom up several times to ask if she wants anything from here, and so on and so forth.

But then as soon as we land in India, all my excitement seem to fade gradually… it’s still okay till the time we leave airport.
Then starts life, traffic, rough cabbies, misbehaving govt employees, sweat, pollution and stink… Not anyone’s fault, everyone is trying to survive. And forget about the public transport. You wake up every morning and keep your fingers croosed just to realise there is no electricity at a peak Summer month… or hope that your water pump works. No traffic rules people driving wrong way and if u complain you will have to hear “do you know who I am ?”

Every moment becomes a struggle for existence!
I suppose for most of us living aborad the one most important reason which would bring us to our land is emotional.

No matter what, I would still want to go back to my country someday, to the place where I belong, to my family and friends.